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Always the Forest is a line of women's casual clothing made from recycled materials. Started in 2007, the Always the Forest studio is currently located on the second floor of an 1870s house in Romeo, Michigan.

Each garment in the Always the Forest line is made from recycled materials. Quality fabrics are sourced from estate sales, mill remnants, and private fabric collections; this results in a collection of intriguing materials that won't be found anywhere else. This practice also lessens the ecological footprint that clothing manufacturing often leaves behind, by not requiring any new materials to be produced.

Always the Forest clothing is made to be comfortable and flattering on a variety of figures. The classic designs are made to be worn season after season without looking dated. They're uncommon and alluring, but not meant to overshadow the woman wearing them. Always the Forest is for the conscious consumer who wants a stylish garment, but doesn't want it to detract from her great taste in music or any of the awesome things she does.


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